The Reader’s View-4

It is believed every piece of writing is like giving words to our imagination. We never stop imagining. Is it possible that creativity takes hold of our imagination or we define our own imaginations based on our creativity?


11 thoughts on “The Reader’s View-4

  1. My writing started as giving words to my imagination (imagination drove creativity). However, since I have been at this awhile it has turned around, my creativity has been driving my imagination. Nice question!

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  2. I think that one feeds upon the other. Our creativity develops because of our imagination, but our imagination grows because we develop our creativity. I know that I can have issues with the original idea (i.e. the theme), but once I’ve started writing, the whole thing shifts and morphs into an idea that isn’t at all like the original. One feeds off another which in turn feeds the original idea. I think the two are so close that there really isn’t any way to separate the two. An unsolvable riddle, like which came first, the chicken or the egg?

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    1. It is true that our imagination grows because we develop our creativity. But sometimes it also happens that our imagination goes far beyond our creativity. I too agree with the point that our writing may shift to some other idea at the end. Well thank you for your views regarding this.

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  3. I write when inspired, when a a thought flys to my mind that takes hold. For me, creativity engages when I am doing the writing. It leads me down a path I don’t always expect. I think the key is being open to the tap of it on your shoulder.

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