One step

Even the longest path took minutes to walk, and the faintest light couldn’t have been any brighter, the mind and soul all combined into one… Every step towards positiveness, every step to a more beautiful world. The vast cage, the painful past, all sought to oblivion.. Advertisements

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The cherished moments

At some point in our lives, we always have that great time when we cherish our lives forever. The achievements which make us happy, and the inner success we feel deep inside our hearts are the unforgettable encouragements forever. The success always lies in these achievements.

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Even the clearest of all can sometimes seem to be blurry. Everything disfigured, everything unreal, as some describes it…

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“‚ÄčI think storytelling is a thing of beauty, and also very difficult. It’s a craft you have to continue to work at.” -James Gray The beauty lies in every story and the most important thing is to feel and connect with it. This is because stories require a real atmosphere to express itself. We too […]

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The horizon

The dawning sun, The overindulgence of the clouds Yet creating a beautiful image, A picture expressing the thoughts of both the mind and the soul.. That is where we create the horizon..

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The drops from the ocean, the glass of salt; or the wild taste… The minds of the greenery blues, And the brown feet under the sun. The wilderness peace and its vastness…

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New day

For a good start of the day, these are the things really important and to be done. Positive thoughts: Posivity is what brings us happiness and a boost to start the day with full enthusiasm. Exercise: Morning exercise and meditation surely helps us to increase our concentration and also helps us to stay healthy and […]

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Song of the silence

It isn’t quiet. Just a faint sound and it becomes the loudest noise ever. Anxiety, and this noise should be the peaceful sound ever; or does it matter to be in a silent room with no peace.. The room in the dark, bright minds ,peaceful surrounding; that’s all she wanted..

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The secret of happiness

The virtual thoughts, the unrealistic hopes, that’s all what matters now. She didn’t want to be shattered; deep inside something always tells her to move on and visit places where only imagination can make you happy.. So that’s what she always followed, and the secret happiness followed her..

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