Q and A!

I am here with my answers for the first Q and A I wished to write. So here I begin:

Why did you start a blog?

  • I don’t actually know how the idea of starting a blog did come to my mind. It may be because of my love for writing or may be because of my wish to share my thoughts through my writing. Soon I found that writing was the best way to give words to what I think and maybe that is the only reason I started a blog.

What are your end goals for writing? 

-One of my wish is to write a book. It is exactly not my end goal but is one of the things I wish to do.

What do you like the most about writing?

-Its ability to express the inexpressible. Writing is something which can express even the  most complex thoughts easily through its beautiful words.

What are your favorite things to read? Poems? Short stories? Books?

-I should say novels. I like to read short stories as well.

What’s your greatest fear and how do you work towards defeating it?

-My greatest fear is to miss an opportunity. When I work  hard for something and the final result turns out to be something different, it is then really depressing. I don’t know how I ought to work towards defeating it but yes to give your best at any moment is one of the solution to defeat it.

These are all the questions I was asked. I really appreciate your questions and want to thank you all for that. If you have anything else to ask or have any ideas or suggestions towards improving this blog, feel free to mention it.

Thank you!