“Something beyond the power of words to describe” #Everest Advertisements

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She loves exploring… It has been always her desire to explore new places, new mysteries..One day she will definitely reveal the hidden secrets..

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The one thing which not a single person is ever bored upon- to sleep.. To sleep and dream is another phase of life!!!!

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The Nature

It is no doubt artificial surroundings are loved by all, but it is the natural beauties which makes the artificial look good.. Nature is such a place which is enormously beautiful and bountiful…. Natural beauties have got no bounds…

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The Wand

She went searching for a wand… Deep into the forest. Until she found it.. But this can happen only in fairy tales…. The tales of the fairyland!!!

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Reach it

She ran and ran… Reached the end of the world… But it took only some time for her to know that she reached her initial position!!!

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Run …. Run to the extreme point. Run such that no one can see you, Run as fast so that no one can catch you… Because it is important to cope up with one thing- Time ,which also runs….

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It is this earthen lamp That makes our path glow in the dark nights… It is during our darkest phases That we must focus to see the light…..

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