In Dream

I always wish- the character I play in dreams should also have been in the reality…


A good title

A piece of writing always deserves a good title. It is what a reader always finds attractive. A title conveys so much, it expresses so much that a reader can truly find out the writer’s inner thought behind it…


There lies the peace of mind,
The pure air and the fresh atmosphere,
the smooth sand and the wild grasses beneath the feet….
There lies the peace of environment ; all green…


It’s been few months since I started this blog. I really would like to thank all for the immense encouragement and appreciation. I believe suggestion truly leads to betterment. So feel free to leave any suggestion in the comments section. Thanks for all the appreciation.


She hoped…..
One day she will climb the tallest mountain
and view the whole world from its summit….
One day she will dive the sea and view the underworld..
And one day she will live the life as it have never been before….

Right words

Sometime it seems amazing how a whole new piece of writing can be created with the help of just a few words. The newest ideas thus framed gives a true vision of our creativity even not known to us.


And yes she was lonely,
She was lonely for a time.
She was afraid of that horrible moment,
The darkness that surrounded her;
Until she was back again
Back in her mother’s arms..

Own world

Let it be your own world,

Stuff you like, stuff that interests you, stuff that works as your motivation, stuff that appreciates you..

Let it be your own skills appreciating you and your own work providing you the greatest pleasure..

Then you can find nothing works more!