The Hour not Known

When events seem to have no turning, when you feel miracle could have worked; amidst all the impossibilities. The working mind, working hands move with all your concern, yet you find the new differences which is not known. The frozen hours and the melting time, and it couldn’t be done.. Advertisements

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You see countless paths in front, And now you know is the time for real adventure. All the lines lead you to infinity; or will they? We are rarely spared from illusions….

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The Golden Rays

She always faces the sun,  The freshness which lies in the golden rays of the sun, the powerful thoughts, the positive vibes, nothing can be more brighter. Every new day is another day and what we ought to find is the happiness in little things which is only visible under the bright light…

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A place where you are considered as invisible.. You talk ,you shout, but you are heard by none.. You argue but nobody pays any attention.. Suddenly you find yourself nowhere.. A state of invisibility…

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The shiny dime

The lustrous sand, With all the bright colours; Or is it just the shiny dime? The yellow light above it, making its way through the small pores; And it keeps glowing until the light goes off behind…

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A New Living

I follow my foot, my steps to an unknown world.. Why do I feel so connected to this place? I exaggerate my thoughts, though somewhat it is true. I have found a new world to live in, a new place to connect with, and I need to explore it…

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The subconscious state

It is said subconscious mind is virtually perfect. The subconscious mind ,which make us land in another world in our sleep, can store in it even the oldest of the memories. Isn’t it surprising how it  controls us most of the time?

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