Halloween Night


Here are the cold nights,

never so dark, never so silent.

The mysterious sound of the drops,

the spooky shadows crawl by..

Here comes the Halloween night,

the night of the ghostly monsters

and the night of the dead.

Hold each other’s hands tight when its Halloween night.








Why couldn’t I?

Why couldn’t I see the light,

when everything else was dark?

Why couldn’t I see the smooth path which lay in front of me, but always searched for the path which was ever not taken?

Why couldn’t I see the tall trees which always stood upright with high dreams,

but searched for the shrubs which was always in the shade?

How can I see the light, when my mind always searched for the dark?

A Writer With Many Thoughts


High with the clouds,

the clouds with endless line,

like the endless thoughts of our mind..

Crystal clear memory with the faded imagination,

Never so brief,

where parallel lines meet..

Sharp edges define a shape,

a shape with restrictions of the mind.

There lay some moments to cherish,

some moments to define with perfect words and picturing a perfect life..

Eyes closed with a hope,

to see the beautiful life ever dreamed off.

Wishes granted,

en route to the land of dreams..

Washed off

It was just droplets in her feet,

it was just moments ago the soft water tenderly passed over her feet washing the sand beneath her.

Nothing could have made her more blissful, the contentment couldn’t have been greater and it couldn’t have been so pure and powerful.. 

The wind

When a gust of wind makes everything invisible,
The sound of its terrible motion; whirling forces…
And then comes the heavy drops of water from the black sky…

The subconscious state


It is said subconscious mind is virtually perfect. The subconscious mind ,which make us land in another world in our sleep, can store in it even the oldest of the memories. Isn’t it surprising how it  controls us most of the time?

A New Living

I follow my foot, my steps

to an unknown world..

Why do I feel so connected to this place?

I exaggerate my thoughts, though somewhat it is true.

I have found a new world to live in, a new place to connect with,

and I need to explore it…