The shiny dime

The lustrous sand, With all the bright colours; Or is it just the shiny dime? The yellow light above it, making its way through the small pores; And it keeps glowing until the light goes off behind…

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Want me to follow you?

I believe the more we get to read and visit different blogs, the more we can interact with our fellow bloggers. Feel free to leave your blog/ website below in the comments section. If you have an Instagram account, just leave your account below and I will give it a follow. 

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The Reader’s View-4

It is believed every piece of writing is like giving words to our imagination. We never stop imagining. Is it possible that creativity takes hold of our imagination or we define our own imaginations based on our creativity?

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A place where you are considered as invisible.. You talk ,you shout, but you are heard by none.. You argue but nobody pays any attention.. Suddenly you find yourself nowhere.. A state of invisibility…

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The Reader’s View-9

Many a times a poem can beautify the writer’s thoughts to a point where it couldn’t have been better. Do you agree?  Isn’t it true that we can form a perfect image of the things the poet wish to express?

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Real world

How would it be when you create a world of imagination ;a world of your own, and then you make others believe they are living in the real world!!

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The Golden Rays

She always faces the sun,  The freshness which lies in the golden rays of the sun, the powerful thoughts, the positive vibes, nothing can be more brighter. Every new day is another day and what we ought to find is the happiness in little things which is only visible under the bright light…

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The Reader’s View-3

We all can imagine the importance of a good content and the way it is also expressed. Besides the content and the way of expressing it, what are the other ways in which a peice of writing can be made more beautiful?

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The power of imagination- It can’t be perceived through hearing or seeing but can be felt… Where there is imagination, there is another world…

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