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Since I have not done a Q and A before, I am planning to do one now. If there is anything you would like to ask or want to know more about me, feel free to post your question in the comments section below.

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Forever real-1

Reality in every piece of writing is what Annie finds. Since childhood, she had taken every writing to be real- like she have experienced it before.

Maybe it’s the complicated reality or the real virtuality. She puts herself in the vision of every character she goes through; it’s like to be a real someone.

And it definitely speaks of her imaginary powers- her sole skill which will lead her to somewhere she ever imagined.

Forever real-2

(Continued from part-1)

Even the slightest of the changes makes her go to that world; and she rearranges every bit of it. Somewhere she felt it was wrong in her part to move to every scene of the story and change the happenings she didn’t want. Yet deep inside something tells her always that she must go.
She is too young, but her ability to imagine every possible world is different, and she knew this is going to change her life..