Crystal Clear


It’s the crystal,
Clear and pure as ever.
It is something that always define it’s own boundary…



It’s always difficult to see how far you have come. Our mind is a wanderer; and so are we. Even the simplest of the paths can be a maze when viewed in a different way.



Our mind needs to escape. Meditation helps in this. It is no doubt concentration can only be attained through relaxation. While meditating we escape to another world, a place of total comfort and relaxation. It is when our body and mind attains a peaceful nature….


When pictures come to life..
When the imaginery part of life becomes real,
You know you are dreaming but deep inside something tells you it’s no more a simple stationary peice in a frame, but in its live form..

It’s terrifying

It’s terrifying…
To see some things escape even to detect it with real sight.
Or is it intentionally created by us, to see ourselves in the virtual world amidst the real sight?
Either way the imagination is terrible…