The Best Words

When the appropriate words don’t come to you and you search for another one.. And then you find that the sentence led you to a different meaning and now it is the best …

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In search

You begin Without words, without expression, Only to wonder what might the sentence end up to… You keep on forming words inside the mind; new words with expression or words that express! Nothing can be more wonderful and explorable at that moment.

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When alone in the dark You see everything taking a terrible shape. The trees, its branches, its leaves Taking some horrible and frightening form.. You run, afraid. And then you realise these were all hallucinations…

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It’s always difficult to see how far you have come. Our mind is a wanderer; and so are we. Even the simplest of the paths can be a maze when viewed in a different way.

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Our mind needs to escape. Meditation helps in this. It is no doubt concentration can only be attained through relaxation. While meditating we escape to another world, a place of total comfort and relaxation. It is when our body and mind attains a peaceful nature….

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And there she was all set to go The voyage of her dreams, The wish she always wished to encounter. The straight road leading to her future…

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When pictures come to life.. When the imaginery part of life becomes real, You know you are dreaming but deep inside something tells you it’s no more a simple stationary peice in a frame, but in its live form..

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The Lines

”Writing is an extreme privilege but it’s also a gift. It’s a gift to yourself and it’s a gift of giving a story to someone.” Amy Tan

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