We often think of doing something new and look for inspiration. The toughest thing is in that part. But once we acquire it, everything becomes so clear and then our only motive is to achieve the goal…


Creativity comes from inside. Even the most awful thing can be made beautiful through creativity. It’s really interesting to know how our brain interprete different things and tries to modify it to something  new.


The inexpressible words,
Something beyond the power of words to describe,
The terrible lines
And then comes the silent speech of words, the beautifully framed lines…


When you are able to give a shape to the best thoughts out of your creativity, you know it can’t better. For you know creativity is itself the best of all your thoughts…



Aren’t a single water drop on a leaf make it feel so heavy? So tender are the leaves… The unimaginable beauties of nature.



It’s amazing to talk with yourself.
It’s truly amazing to hear your own voice come back to you. You shout and you know your voice was heard by the last tallest thing on Earth…


Sometimes it’s not possible to be heard even if you speak out loud ;and in other times even the most faintest of the sound can be heard.