The Reader’s View-9

Many a times a poem can beautify the writer’s thoughts to a point where it couldn’t have been better. Do you agree? Isn’t it true that we can form a perfect image of the things the poet wish to express?


  1. I think that the image refined can be perfect in the vacuum of our own minds… but really that’s the only place it needs to exist anyway. That’s the point of a poem, I think.

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  2. According to me, there is nothing called ‘perfect’ in writing a poem. I would like to take my own example. Well, I am writing poems from quite a long time now. By that I mean, I don’t remember exactly when did I start writing them in my diary. πŸ˜€

    Everytime I write and publish it on my blog, I feel this is the best I could write around this theme but ironically, after few months when I see it again… I say to myself, “So much improvisation needed, VaiduS. What’s wrong with you?” πŸ˜€

    Similar is the case of readers. Writing a poem is easy… Pouring down own thoughts in beautiful words is even more simpler… But sometimes, readers can add magic to it… Everyone is unique… And nothing is perfect in writing. We keep improvising our own work and readers help a lot in that. πŸ™‚


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