You see countless paths in front,
And now you know is the time for real adventure.
All the lines lead you to infinity; or will they?
We are rarely spared from illusions….

The Hour not Known

When events seem to have no turning,

when you feel miracle could have worked; amidst all the impossibilities.

The working mind, working hands move with all your concern,

yet you find the new differences which is not known.

The frozen hours and the melting time, and it couldn’t be done..



Alongside the huge lighted church,

was a row of houses.

At the street

it was half past 8′.

The place was unknown, the street was unknown,

everywhere was silence,

only silence…

Roaming around the street,

all alone by the sea..

A cool breeze from the sea was blowing,

refreshing my mind before the great sleep.

As I walked ahead,

suddenly a tune of sensation touched my ear,

a spark of light flashed my eye

as if the bells of the church were singing,

as if a smile has crept in my heart…

The noisy world went,

and a heaven of love and affection

was laid out before me…

I took my step in the direction

to join hands with the tune of sensation.

Is sensation a power or a magical beauty?

Peeping in her eyes,

I felt her gentle feeling towards this kind nature,

that remained always dark for her..

The strings of violin vibrates still in my heart today..

I will always carry her-

the unknown street, the unknown place,

with me forever.

The sensational music is still continuing

in my mind and in my dreams…

One step

Even the longest path took minutes to walk,

and the faintest light couldn’t have been any brighter,

the mind and soul all combined into one…

Every step towards positiveness, every step to a more beautiful world.

The vast cage, the painful past, all sought to oblivion..

Song of the silence

It isn’t quiet. Just a faint sound and it becomes the loudest noise ever.

Anxiety, and this noise should be the peaceful sound ever; or does it matter to be in a silent room with no peace..

The room in the dark, bright minds ,peaceful surrounding; that’s all she wanted..

The secret of happiness

The virtual thoughts,

the unrealistic hopes, that’s all what matters now.

She didn’t want to be shattered; deep inside something always tells her to move on and visit places where only imagination can make you happy..

So that’s what she always followed, and the secret happiness followed her..

The Travel


It’s been a long time travelling.
With the changing landscape of everything around her, she knew she had reached a new place..
Yet she longed to reach that new and beautiful place; the place she knew only existed in paintings..
She knew her voyage would be much longer but that thought never made her look back….

Miles ahead..

Looking miles ahead, only to see what the future would look like.

To be someone else, in a different place, in a different time..

Looking miles ahead, only to see the reflection of the past and the present at the same time.

Some unseen terrible force and wild imaginations, to foresee what lies ahead…

Is it blurred?

One of the greatest things she ever dreamed of.

She knew it was different and worth not expressing, the familiar surroundings, yet the unfamiliar twinkling of words in her mind. 

The words so bright and so clean, but seemed to be all blurred because of her inability to see the distinct letters. 

It would take a long time until the right focus.

Digital bookmark

She is with her digital bookmark.

The one that makes her schedule as perfect.

Every minute like a word in a page is remembered ;her plans and thoughts on her mind made book..

But the pages all set to loose with no number and no identity..