The subconscious state


It is said subconscious mind is virtually perfect. The subconscious mind ,which make us land in another world in our sleep, can store in it even the oldest of the memories. Isn’t it surprising how it controls us most of the time?

Gifts- an unexpected surprise

Gifts are always an unexpected surprise. A present or a gift is a thing which is given to someone without expecting a payment or a return. If someone gifts an item which is already owned by that person, it is not regarded as a gift. Many people regard gifts as a return of the kindness or helpfulness of a person. Therefore, it is seen that people love to give a present to show their gratitude to another person. People also gift occasionally like as in birthdays, Christmas, marriages and anniversaries.

When did gift giving actually start?

The culture of giving gifts started thousands of years before when the human species first came to the Earth. Humans are social creatures and hence love to show their gratitude and appreciation for others by giving gifts. The cavemen in the pre-historic times also gifted their fellow beings to show their love. The gifts then were barks of trees, rocks, animal tooth and so on. Therefore, gift giving actually started thousands of years ago.

In the Egyptian era, the pharaohs were gifted for they helped in making pyramids and idols for worshiping. In the Roman period, people used to give good luck tokens to their fellow beings. These good luck tokens lasted for centuries.

In the Medieval period, people used to give gifts to gain favor from the kings. Gifts at that time also helped in forming alliances with other kingdoms.

Today, the culture of gift giving is widely circulated among most of the people and it is considered as the best way to show love, appreciation and gratitude for someone.

Birthday gifts

Birthday gifts had its origin in Europe about hundreds of years ago. People believed that evil spirits haunt a person in his or her birthday and hence they would bring a lot of gifts and gather around the celebrant to protect him or her from those evil spirits. This is one of the popular stories of how gifting people on their birthdays started.

Birthdays come once in a year and therefore is celebrated by every people no matter the age. A person may not be celebrating his or her birthday but surely plans something different each year to do on his or her birthday. That is the special thing about birthdays. No matter what the age, everyone has some inner happiness in his or her birthday. Then why not we add icing to the cake by gifting them something of their choice? It might seem difficult to know the actual choices of a person. Many a times, people do not prefer to let others know their choices for some reason or the other. Most people would say they do not expect gifts on their birthdays, but people are actually happy when others gift them their favorite items on their birthday. Some would secretly wish for it!

Preferences vary from person to person. Some would prefer handmade cards or items, some may prefer flowers of their choice or any other thing. Most people get happy when someone gifts them items made by the person itself. People give birthday gifts to show their love and appreciation for that person, to commemorate milestones or as a keepsake.

Choosing a suitable gift

Most of the time, people find it difficult to select a gift that would be most appropriate for an occasion. Be it birthday parties, marriages, anniversaries or any other occasion, it is really important we consider the gift we are about to give.

The first and foremost thing to consider is the occasion. Birthday gifts are different than that from marriage gifts or Christmas gifts. Age of the person also matters since people have different choices according to their ages. A 12 year old will have different likes than that of a 30 year old.

Secondly, it becomes really helpful if one knows about the likes and dislikes of a person. This can be known through conversations with that person.

Thirdly, budget should be also considered before choosing a gift for any occasion. One should make sure not too spend too much or too little. It isn’t true that expensive gifts are always good since what matters is only the thoughts.


Halloween Night


Here are the cold nights,

never so dark, never so silent.

The mysterious sound of the drops,

the spooky shadows crawl by..

Here comes the Halloween night,

the night of the ghostly monsters

and the night of the dead.

Hold each other’s hands tight when its Halloween night.







Why couldn’t I?

Why couldn’t I see the light,

when everything else was dark?

Why couldn’t I see the smooth path which lay in front of me, but always searched for the path which was ever not taken?

Why couldn’t I see the tall trees which always stood upright with high dreams,

but searched for the shrubs which was always in the shade?

How can I see the light, when my mind always searched for the dark?

Washed off

It was just droplets in her feet,

it was just moments ago the soft water tenderly passed over her feet washing the sand beneath her.

Nothing could have made her more blissful, the contentment couldn’t have been greater and it couldn’t have been so pure and powerful.. 

A New Living

I follow my foot, my steps

to an unknown world..

Why do I feel so connected to this place?

I exaggerate my thoughts, though somewhat it is true.

I have found a new world to live in, a new place to connect with,

and I need to explore it…


A place where you are considered as invisible..
You talk ,you shout, but you are heard by none..
You argue but nobody pays any attention..
Suddenly you find yourself nowhere..
A state of invisibility…