The Reader’s View-3

We all can imagine the importance of a good content and the way it is also expressed. Besides the content and the way of expressing it, what are the other ways in which a peice of writing can be made more beautiful?


    • Yes. Indeed the readers always try to relate it with their own imagination and this is what makes the content more beautiful.


  1. Continuity while showing development. By this I mean the ability of a writer to stay within the parameters they originally set for the novel, not cheating on their world building or their characters. Yet, at the same time, those things need to grow and change. The key is to find a way that’s believable and realistic.

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    • So true. I love this. It’s actually very important to beautify the already written words or the characters thought of to make a more clearer and beautiful picture in the readers mind.

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  2. Flow of thought/information……some hidden clues that rewards multiple readings……could be some of them

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