1. what if stars are actually miserable big balls of gas, and them twinkling is actually them twisting/turning and ready to burst any moment. To us they seem happy and small, grass is greener on the other side 🙂

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    • They may be miserable on the other side. This is just a description of how they seem to us, making us actually believe that it is always happy.

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  2. What if stars are jut sparks that lead us into a brighter day, like the simmering sparks of fire that burn quietly in a mound of the phoenix’s ashes, only for the phoenix to be reborn again? Beautiful piece of verse, you’re an amazing writer!

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  3. oh ! it would be wonderful to be like the stars ! its a lovely post ,to be small and really happy and to shine everyday ! wow ! I like it , this is what all of us should aim for , thank you for such a post !

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  4. Great work! I think A Star is happy being so small because it is a part of a beautiful star lit sky! It is happy to be able to be a part of such beauty!

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