To be like the stars

What is it to be
Like the stars…
To shine everyday,
To glitter so much so as to catch the eyes of even the farthest point…
To be small but real happy…



  1. what if stars are actually miserable big balls of gas, and them twinkling is actually them twisting/turning and ready to burst any moment. To us they seem happy and small, grass is greener on the other side 🙂

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    • They may be miserable on the other side. This is just a description of how they seem to us, making us actually believe that it is always happy.

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  2. What if stars are jut sparks that lead us into a brighter day, like the simmering sparks of fire that burn quietly in a mound of the phoenix’s ashes, only for the phoenix to be reborn again? Beautiful piece of verse, you’re an amazing writer!

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  3. oh ! it would be wonderful to be like the stars ! its a lovely post ,to be small and really happy and to shine everyday ! wow ! I like it , this is what all of us should aim for , thank you for such a post !

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  4. Great work! I think A Star is happy being so small because it is a part of a beautiful star lit sky! It is happy to be able to be a part of such beauty!

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