And she was so happy
Happy to see the night sky,
The night sky shining bright with lanterns;
When she asked her mother why it can’t be like that every night,
She was told that it is this one special night which make it special…

Is it blurred?

One of the greatest things she ever dreamed of.

She knew it was different and worth not expressing, the familiar surroundings, yet the unfamiliar twinkling of words in her mind. 

The words so bright and so clean, but seemed to be all blurred because of her inability to see the distinct letters. 

It would take a long time until the right focus.

The past time

The beautiful things we feel by the heart, the most pleasant moments of our time are the ones which forever keep our heads up and our will power to do anything. Our past experiences, the things which happened in reality, the knowledge we gained ourselves, are the present sources of motivation.

Digital bookmark

She is with her digital bookmark.

The one that makes her schedule as perfect.

Every minute like a word in a page is remembered ;her plans and thoughts on her mind made book..

But the pages all set to loose with no number and no identity..


The words that vanish,                                   vanish to infinity..

It’s close to the inexpressible, yet we try to reframe those vanished words into something close, to express it….

The lines fade as we reach the state of oblivion, to reach the unforgotten infinity….

Night Sky

The night sky view…
The silent and peaceful moon,
The dazzling and glamouring stars…
And its the view which always makes you fresh,
The eyes staring at the sky for some wonders….


It’s comfort;
When our mind relaxes to the deepest,
our every effort comes fruitful,
When we feel happiness from the core of our heart,
And at that moment we begin to enjoy everything to the fullest..


The virtual world, which we tend to go into sometimes can really be so fascinating that it seems for us the real world is far behind.
Doesn’t the truth of reality get erased in this imaginable world?