The Year Ahead..

2016- the year I started blogging. Surely the decision of blogging is something which makes me glad when I think of it. The inspiration, kind words and the encouragement I received is what motivates me to continue this blog and I  thank all my followers for that.

I wish to grow this blog more with other writing goals as well. I wish everyone a happy and prosperous year ahead.

What are your goals/ resolutions for this year?

Miles ahead..

Looking miles ahead, only to see what the future would look like.

To be someone else, in a different place, in a different time..

Looking miles ahead, only to see the reflection of the past and the present at the same time.

Some unseen terrible force and wild imaginations, to foresee what lies ahead…


Yet it’s the milder hue, travelling the longest of all,
Fainting itself at the far side of the sky,
And then it looks as bright as ever.


‘You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus’.
– Mark Twain

Surely, imagination is that world which is invisible to the eye but visible to the brain. And once you see the ocean, so vast and so big, there is no point looking at its far end…

It’s different

To be more specific about something is tough, unless we have the knowledge to the depth. At that point of time everything seems so similar, we keep on focussing until slight differences become visible.

Way to view

You try to view things with a different perspective, it becomes easy to remember. Sometimes making up stories with the words make us feel more enjoyable and that’s where our creativity lies too.

The reader’s view-5

Sometimes a piece of writing can be viewed in two different ways or even more by the readers. Is it possible that a writer pens his thoughts with a dual meaning or is it just the readers trying to relate with their own lives?

By the ear

What’s appreciating for no reason?

Wonderfully created or amazingly composed..

One key to the front and a step forward,

creates its own wonder. 

And what flows by the ear is a vibration of a beautiful tone..