• Yes indeed. We can always relate to the characters of fictional stories. Thanks much for your thoughts on this.


  1. It is all about bending things, bending rules. It is all about breaking boundaries and making the character wonderful (could be magnificent or could be a pathetic one). To me, it is about creating and making an alternative world.

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  2. It’s a method of escape, to get away from the real world. However long you’re able to read, whether a few minutes, a few hours, a few days, I don’t think there’s really a better way to get away from your problems, issues, stress, or worries. There’s something so refreshing about being able to dive into a fictional world for a while, and then surface back to the real world to face whatever may come your way. Thanks!

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    • Exactly. It is an escape from real time to refresh our minds and to be in the world of our own. Thank you for your opinion.


    • To dive yourself somewhere different into a place of virtuality is important sometimes. And this is what fictional stories bring us. Thank you.

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    • That’s true to a point. Fictional stories make us become a part of another different story not known to us.


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