1. I have a love/hate relationship with incomplete stories. I think that’s 100% up to the reader. Some need you to complete ot.

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  2. I think if a story ends open-ended, then it will always cause the reader to think. Personally, open-ended stories make me mad sometimes. I tend to think, what if this happened or this. Then, after deciding what ending I like, I want to see it played out in the book or movie.

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    • Yes, we do want an incomplete story to end it the way we imagine. We may think of all possibilities but at the end come up with the only one which seems real.

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  3. it sure can………….endings of a story is all about closure…….of theme, an idea, a message, a warning, a journey………and in fact no story ends ever completely, even if the main character dies…….what about the other characters……they don’t cease to exist…….

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