The reader’s view-5

Sometimes a piece of writing can be viewed in two different ways or even more by the readers. Is it possible that a writer pens his thoughts with a dual meaning or is it just the readers trying to relate with their own lives?


  1. There will always be a streak of something innately personal which will continue to influence our reading and understanding of everything that we see or read – what I learnt from my experience!

    And Ankita as far as writing goes it depends on the author and the reader too and also what’s being written!

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  2. It’s the reader injecting their personality and past into the book. According to Edmund Wilson “No two persons ever read the same book.” This is the reason why you can reread a book and notice completely different things…you are a completely different person! Isn’t literacy fun?

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    • Exactly. Literacy is indeed fun. It is amazing how we get to know and view completely new things of the same book when read twice. Then our mind can take a different plane. Thank you for posting your views regarding this.

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  3. Everything I write has a single meaning I am trying to express. But many times people have found something different in my words. I have written a song about being overcome with lust, while a friend found that the words echoed her relationship with God. A poem about miscarriage was seen by many to be about the breakdown of a romantic relationship. And a poem I wrote as a farewell to my foreskin before I was circumcised gave people the impression that a friend was terminally ill. So yes, readers will always find their own meaning in words in order to make them more relatable.

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    • True that. I too find sometimes readers come up with a different meaning relating to their own thoughts. Thank you for expressing your views regarding this:-)


    • My son and I just had this same conversation in relation to his songs. There are songs he no longer wants to play because of sadness in and around them, but not everyone interprets them as sad songs. Perception is everything.

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