1. I do think so. It was when I started giving the reader the credit of having that ability that I feel like I lost a lot of the rigidity in my writing. Hopefully I did anyway.

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  2. Readers are the most creative creatures in this field.

    Professional writers read more about the niche they focus in their writing. It helps them to improvise so they have this selfish motive attached to it sometimes. While avid readers keep hopping in different genres of writing and creativity.

    In fact, I strongly believe that to be a good writer, it is important to be a good reader with diversity. 🙂


    • I would disagree. I barely read. Not prose, not poetry. Do I feel this limits my writing abilities? Not at all. I do, however, listen to a wide range of music styles and genres; would this negate my disinterest in reading?

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      • True to some point. Though I think readers do have creativity and that is why some may come up with different opinions of the same piece of writing. Thank you for sharing your views:-)


  3. Hi, Matt!

    I appreciate your thoughts. Well, I never said that it limits the writing ability but it helps to improvise. I think it’s similar to the topping on the muffin. I said so because I personally experienced it in my blogging journey, though, it may vary for different individuals. After all, every writer is beautifully unique. 🙂

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  4. I think so. I think readers creativity may interpret a writer’s words differently than intended. Doesn’t make the intention wrong. This creativity may give the story something new. Also, the image of a character, a house, a town, created by a reader, can add richness to the words a writer has written.

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