1. Very well done. Your posts are highly creative. You introduce a lot of original and interesting imagery.

    Regarding your technique: I am going to go out on a limb here and offer 3 suggestions, based on reading a number of your posts, that I think will immediately benefit your writing and your readers.
    1. Consider your use of the ellipsis, those 3 periods that you throw into your verses. The ellipsis has very specific form and usage. Look into it. Use the ellipsis sparingly
    2. Limit the use of exclamation points. Try not to use them at all and if you do, 1 is enough, not !!!
    3. Finally, use your spell checker.

    Start with these. Basic stuff. Your ideas and imagery will show better for these.

    best regards – CC
    P.S. I would not be offended if you did not publish this comment.

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    • Thank you for the suggestions. These points will definitely help me to improve my writing skill.

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